Caught on camera: Teen dumps entire bowl of Halloween candy into her bag

A Ring video captured a teen in costume pouring an entire bowl of Halloween candy into her bag after already being seen taking a handful.
The Middletown homeowner, Joseph Perez, says the teen's father is first heard telling the girl to take a handful of candy. He is then seen waiting by in the car when the girl comes back to take the rest.
He says she made off with two bags, totaling $14 worth of Skittles, Twix and M&Ms.
Perez says he left the candy out on his porch for kids while he was at work and his wife was trick-or-treating with their daughter.
He says the father-daughter duo were his first trick-or-treaters of the night and that all of the other kids that showed up afterward left empty handed.
Perez says he plans to be home next year to give out the candy.
Perez says he doesn't recognize the family seen in the video.
The family reached out to News 12 saying the father didn't know his daughter took the candy.