Cashier saves man from falling victim to phone scam

Cashier saves man from falling victim to phone scam

A cashier stepped in to prevent a man from falling for a scam.
Peter Anderson is the co-owner of Friendly Beer in Greenwood. 

He was putting inventory away and restocking shelves when he got a jarring phone call stating that Orange & Rockland was threatening to cut electricity from his store If he didn't pay $998 immediately. The caller allegedly said the money would be used to switch his meter from analog to digital. 

They told him he would get the money back in 90 days.
Anderson locked his story and went to CVS to pick up a number of prepaid Visa cards.
When he got to the checkout counter, the cashier asked what he was doing with the cards, and he explained the situation. 
The cashier told him it was a scam, pulled the cards away and refused to sell them to him.
Orange & Rockland's website has a page dedicated to warn people of these type of potential scams. It advises to ask for credentials and identity. 

“I felt stupid,” he says. "They called me back to see if I got the money and I, of course, I yelled and screamed at them and told them that I was onto their scam and they left. They chuckled.”

The cashier who helped Anderson is not returning to work for about another week, but that's not stopping him from planning to meet her again and thank her for saving him nearly $1,000.