Cadets, community members restore Cornwall cemetery

Tucked in the woods in Cornwall, cadets and members of the community are coming together to restore a historic cemetery.
The Woods Cemetery has headstones dating back to 1843, some of which mark the graves of Civil War veterans. But the cemetery has seen better days, with broken headstones caused in part by downed trees.
But a group of students is working to change things, volunteering their time to restore the cemetery and honor those who fought for our country.
"I needed community service for the school, and I signed myself up for this because I enjoy being in the woods and crafting, and secondly it's important to preserve the history of this area," says Donovan Green, of the New York Military Academy.
The effort isn't just about honoring those whose names are on the headstones -- it's about completing a mission made by others. Bridget Flynn has been pioneering the restoration effort since her husband, a veteran, passed away a few years ago.
As a member of the American Legion, Flynn says he used to come place flags on the graves at the cemetery every year until he fell ill. She then reached out to historians, community members and the military academy for help.
The military academy hopes to continue to work toward its restoration for years to come.