Burrows refuses to concede, files lawsuit for District 15 recount

Legislator Gordon Burrows filed a lawsuit on Monday to ensure all votes were counted in the November election for District 15.
"I'm not saying anything nefarious happened, but as I said, every vote counts," says Burrows.
Burrows refuses to concede, insisting that the remaining 480 unopened absentee ballots be counted. He recognizes the uphill battles, but still feels as though there’s an opportunity to win.
The Westchester County Board of Elections had plans to open all absentee ballots Tuesday, but has since delayed the counting to December.
"We were going to open them today if we weren't served with papers last night," says Reginald Lafayette, of the Westchester County Board of Elections.
His opponent, Ruth Walter, was declared the winner after the vote count showed that she won by 202 votes.
"The results are the results," says Walter.
She believes the legal action is a nuisance and is already looking towards the future by attending daily county budget meetings.