Bronx war vets help those returning from Iraq

Military veterans from the Bronx joined with officials Saturday to evaluate resources offered to those who have fought for the U.S.Bronx veterans met with officials to offer advice and share their experiences from the services offered to soldiers returning from war. Officials hope to improve on services currently in place and to add addition services where needed. Currently, the National Coalition of Homeless Veterans offers housing to veterans who come ?home? to no home. The University of New York (CUNY) has educational programs available. The New York Department of Labor also offers employment opportunities and job placement when veterans return home.Veteran Joseph Mondello says he and other older veterans hope to combat any issues younger veterans may encounter as they return home from war by tapping into resources available in the borough. The Borough President?s office will also be hosting a Bronx Veterans and Family Community Resources Festival on May 19 at Pelham Bay Park.