Bronx community comes together to remember those lost in 9/11 attacks

New Yorkers in all areas of the city remembered those who gave their all on this day, 20 years ago. The somber day was honored with several ceremonies and tributes.
It was a somber afternoon in Parkchester as those in the Bronx remember who laid down their lives on 9/11. The Bronx Community Board #9 and the Bangladeshi community come together for a remembrance ceremony on Unionport Road. 
"Every year as September 11th comes, I have the same feelings, the same sadness," says Farida Yensim.
Father David Powers with St. Helena Church lead the group in prayer. First responders recognized for their continued efforts keeping New Yorkers safe, receiving plaques and gratitude.
"I think one of the nice things about this event is it's not just one community, another community, another community. We all come together, we come together to mourn, we come together to pray, we come together to remember all of those who lost their lives and all of those people who when they heard what happened. They dropped everything to come down," Father Powers said.
Bronx Community Board #9 says they're thankful for everyone gathering together this afternoon and that they hope to hold this event again next year.