Broken elevators irk tenants at Mount Vernon's Randy Daniels Towers

Residents at an apartment building in Mount Vernon say their elevators have been out of commission since Wednesday, ruining holiday plans and so much more.
The Randy Daniels Towers at Grace Plaza is an 83-unit, 13-story building with two non-functioning elevators.
Maxine Jenkins, who lives in the building, says holidays in her home have been hard.
Jenkins lost her mother and brother one day apart, three years ago.
"That's why I don't like the holidays...I get so depressed," she said.
But this year, she pushed through and planned a nice Thanksgiving feast for her and her granddaughter. Unfortunately, it didn't work out as planned.
"We've been without an elevator and water since Wednesday, 2 a.m.," says Jenkins. "The water just came back on Saturday, so we had no Thanksgiving, we couldn't even cook because we had no water to cook with."
She says others need help, too, as the building is occupied by seniors and people with wheelchairs.
Jenkins lives on the 11th floor. She says she can't get to her doctor's appointments, she can't get refills of her medication and her pacemaker offers a unique challenge.
"I got a machine in my chest, I go down and even attempt to come up, I'm dead," she says. 
Jenkins has to remain in her home and says she prays that the elevators will be fixed soon. 
"Lord, please help us I can't stay in here in this apartment another week I need to get out and maneuver and do things around here," she says.
News 12 reached out to the management company but did not hear back in time for broadcast.