Body camera footage shows large crowd at Ossining bar; liquor license suspended

The State Liquor Authority suspended the license of Atlantic Bar and Restaurant on Croton Avenue in Ossining, saying the location was not following COVID-19 protocols.
In exclusive body camera footage, officers entered the bar to find a large crowd that wasn't following social distancing guidelines.
Sgt. Joe Tolve, of the Ossining Police Department, says the bar was also “way over” its allowed occupancy.
"It’s a public issue, the virus is real. We don't want to see anyone contributing to the spread of the virus," he says.
According to the state, the bar was not serving food with alcohol and people inside were not wearing masks.
Carlos Espinal is facing fines upward of $10,000. On Saturday, he took News 12 inside where he had face masks and hand sanitizer.
“The inspector for the liquor authority came, he took my license for no reason. At the time, I had like 35 people. So, I feel bad," he said.
It's not clear when the bar will reopen.
The state issued 41 violations Friday night, including to 27 businesses in Manhattan. Seven more suspensions were also issued in the New York City area.