Bloomingburg woman asks village to put back road sign after sidewalk repairs

A Hudson Valley woman is asking for help getting a road sign put back up after sidewalk repairs last spring. 
Krista Findley says there’s supposed to be a sign at the intersection of Winterton Road and Main Street in Bloomingburg that says, “Stop here on red.”  
She says the sign was taken down when the sidewalk was redone by the village last year and was left lying beside the hole drilled for it for months. 
Findley says the sign is still not back up months later and that commercial trucks can’t turn onto the road as a result when cars pull too far up. 
“There is no rhyme or reason that the mayor won’t put the sign back. It just doesn’t make any sense," said Findley.
Findley says she emailed the mayor of Bloomingburg eight times and has never gotten a response. 
News 12 reached out to village officials as well but has yet to hear back.