Black-owned Restaurant Week helps to build community

The vice president of a Black-owned Mount Vernon restaurant says people come to the eatery not just for the food, but for advice on how to start their own business.

News 12 Staff

Jun 23, 2023, 2:21 AM

Updated 356 days ago


Black-owned Restaurant Week is a lot more than just supporting Black-owned businesses but also about building community.
King's Southern Delight in Mount Vernon has been open for 18 years.
Vice President Redina Hembree says the restaurant is her mother's dream, so she puts her heart and soul into it and soul food is what they serve.
Hembree says the turkey wings fly out the door and their mac and cheese is a favorite of some customers.
Hembree says they have a great team, but she adds that it is tough work -- sometimes it's just her and her mother who work all day.
She stressed the importance of celebrating Black-owned Restaurant Week.
"In the past, as far as our history's concerned, where places where you didn't have intermingling, so restaurants like this is where the Black community came together and united and came on the same accord to make their community a better place," Hembree says.
People come to King's not just for the food, but for advice on how to start their own business.
Hembree says she also loves to mentor girls through her sorority Delta Sigma Theta.
Hembree and her mother say they love when people come in and have heard about the restaurant from word of mouth.

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