Hot and muggy weather with isolated, strong gusty thunderstorms Tuesday afternoon

What's New: Scattered strong storms possible Tuesday afternoon and evening.
What's Next: A stray shower is possible each afternoon for the remainder of the week, but Tuesday is the best chance.
Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Alex Calamia says hot and muggy weather is expected on Tuesday with isolated strong gusty thunderstorms in the afternoon.

TUESDAY: WEATHER TO WATCH -- Sun and clouds. A shower possible in the mid-morning, but it will likely dry. Stong to severe storms are possible in the afternoon, but some parts of the Hudson Valley will be completely dry. Main impacts are gusty wind in thunderstorms and an overall hot and breezy day elsewhere. A few storms could contain frequent lightning, hail, but at this time the risk for tornadoes is low.  Highs around 90 and very humid. Lows around 72.
WEDNESDAY: Sun and clouds. Highs around 89. Lows around 69.
THURSDAY: Partly sunny. A stray shower or storm in the afternoon. Highs around 86. Lows around 68.
FRIDAY: Sun and clouds. A stray shower or storm in the afternoon. Highs around 85. Lows around 67.
SATURDAY: Mainly sunny to partly cloudy. Highs around 88. Lows around 71.
SUNDAY: Partly sunny to mostly cloudy with a shower or storm chance. Highs around 88. Lows around 68.