'Be a superhero not a bully.' Banners displaying anti-bullying message posted at town of Yorktown parks

The town of Yorktown launched a new anti-bulling campaign Friday by displaying banners with a strong message at local parks.
The campaign comes after a boy with Down syndrome was bullied at Granite Knolls Park last month. Tara Burns, the mother of 8-year-old Riley, says her son was called names and was hit with a toy.
The town immediately jumped into action and even named Riley junior supervisor for the month of July.
Banners displayed across a number of parks show the message, "Be a superhero not a bully."
"We wanted to send a strong message as a town, as a community and as a town board that we stand up to bullies," says Town Supervisor Matt Slater.
Burns says everyone should be playing together. She says the message is really true - "just be a superhero."
Slater says Riley is a great ambassador for the community.
"He's a great ambassador to really teach people of all ages about why it's important to be a superhero and not a bully, and that's the message that we want to send," says Slater.
The town says bullying will not be tolerated.