Bayport assistant camp director prioritizes saving camper's life as he suffers traumatic brain injury

A Bayport assistant camp director says he suffered a traumatic brain injury while trying to save a camper's life.
Sloan Schiller was at Camp Paquatuk when a camper went into cardiac arrest in her bunk on July 3, 2019.
He recalls that the camper could not breathe, so he and another counselor immediately started CPR.
When the paramedics asked him to get medication, Schiller says he proceeded, and went to push a closed door, which caused him to hit his head. He ended up suffering a traumatic brain injury.
Schiller says felt nothing at the at the time and was determined to get the medication to the camper.
He realized that he had a traumatic brain injury a week after, when he started having balance issues and would often fall.
Schiller says he ended up in a rehab center for three months to relearn how to walk.
Schiller says the camper recovered and had no residual effects. He says her recovery was a miracle as the doctors told him that it was "like a one in a million chance."
Today, Schiller says he has gotten close to the camper's family. He says he received a letter from them that said they were grateful she was at camp when she went into cardiac arrest and that he was there to save her life.
Schiller adds that the experience of having saved someone's life still leaves him in awe.