Bannerman Castle is a true adventure in the middle of the Hudson River

Tucked along the waters of the Hudson River sits a small yet spectacular jewel in the Hudson Highlands that is a natural for a Road Trip Close to Home.
Sitting in the middle of the Hudson River on Pollopel Island, Bannerman Castle is a history buff’s paradise. Built in the early 1900s, Scotsman Francis Bannerman created the castle and residence to store surplus military goods. 
Both time, and the elements, have caused portions of the historic structure to collapse and it was closed to the public for decades. 
Now it’s back open and is a true adventure for all ages. “It’s an attraction not only because of the nature of the architecture, which I consider to be sculptural, but it’s also an attraction because of the heritage and history of this part of the Hudson,” says Thom Johnson, co-founder of the Bannerman Castle Trust.
Visitors have to remember to keep your social distance, wear your mask and call to make reservations since capacity is capped 50 people at a time. 
Guests take in unique views and vistas around the island, including the colorful gardens where roots run back over 100 years. “ A group of dedicated gardeners have worked on the island tirelessly to bring back gardens that the Bannermans had originally created over 100 years ago,” says Johnson.
You can even join Storm King Adventure Tours and catch a 360-view from a Kayak!  “It’s nature, it’s beauty, it’s’s all we needed,” says Rachel, from Long Island.