Authorities remind residents to follow water safety rules when viewing fireworks on the Hudson

Authorities are reminding residents to take safety precautions when boating in the Hudson for any Fourth of July firework shows.
Many residents say they are excited to be out after COVID-19 dampened the holiday last year. However, the Rockland County Sheriff's Office says they will be on high alert today.
“More people, there's going to be more infractions, and we just try to, with Westchester County Police, keep them in check,” says Sgt. Joe Reicher.
Authorities say that kids under 12-years-old must wear a life vest while on the water.
Sgt. Reicher also says if you’re planning to drink onboard, you will be held to the same .08 legal limit. Boating while intoxicated is a misdemeanor.
"Don't drink. It's hot, it really exacerbates what you're doing. One might feel like five, so really be safe,” Reicher says.
The Westchester Marine Unit will also patrol the Hudson.
This weekend also marks 'Operation Dry Water' - a national event raising awareness that alcohol is the leading known factor in deadly boating accidents.