Art meets nature the Storm King Art Center in Cornwall

The Storm King Art Center in Cornwall is a world-class destination place where art meets nature and brings a whole new perspective to every visitor taking a Road Trip: Close to Home.
"Storm King Art Center is an outdoor museum - 500 acres of landscape for art," explains John Stern, president of the Storm King Art Center.
There are dozens of large-scale installations on the grounds, like a gravity-defying sculpture made completely of weathering steel. 
Some sculptures were created by artists from around the world, like one called “momo taro” in which the granite is from Japan. 
The sculptures range in all different shapes and sizes. There is one that stands at nearly 100 feet. “Every time you come, it’s different. Every minute is different because the clouds are coming or the sun comes out,” says Stern.
While you explore, check out the museum's newest exhibit, “The Crisis” by Rashid Johnson. It is a captivating installation that you can’t miss. “It’s a work that started a few years ago indoors and now it’s outdoors. And so the artist is very excited that it’s going to be outside and being in the native grasses,” says Stern.
Scattered stones are also a must-see by artist Martha Tuttle. There are 100 stones made with glass and a hundred carved from marble. 
“This is really is a destination internationally and also in our country,” explains Stern.