Animal rescuers catch missing dog on the run for over 4 months

Lucy was on the lam since early July, when she ran away from her foster home in Paramus, New Jersey, because of fireworks.

Diane Caruso

Dec 1, 2022, 2:02 PM

Updated 541 days ago


Animal rescuers caught a dog this week that was on the run for more than four months.
Lucy was on the lam since early July, when she ran away from her foster home in Paramus, New Jersey, because of fireworks.
"Lucy was the queen of hide and seek," says Nicole Asher, of Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery.
Asher says say Lucy would roam up to 20 miles a day.The 2-year-old was spotted on camera or by people in Tenafly, Alpine and Orangetown - but still managed to get away. 
"Every sighting that we got, it was such a relief because we knew she was still alive because she was traveling very dangerous areas," says Asher. “The word elusive is definitely profound. I feel like at this point in time you could open up the dictionary her face will just be there as the definition."
Asher and Dawn Berry caught the elusive Ms. Lucy with rotisserie chicken around 5 a.m. this week in Orangetown after 133 days.
Asher has been tracking and catching lost dogs for more than a decade, but it was a first for Berry.
"It was just like this moment of it's going to be OK, and I feel like my heart burst into a million pieces that morning," said Berry.
Lucy is now with Berry in Rockland County waiting for her forever home.
"Tell people never give up. They're out there, they are resourceful, they can survive out there. If people see a loose dog out there, call," says Asher.  

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