'All the facts seem to fit.' LI attorney sees connections between Gilgo murders and Atlantic City cold cases

Multiple news reports have said Rex Heuermann was spotted several times at an Atlantic City strip club where a dancer says he made her feel uncomfortable.

Tara Rosenblum

Jul 28, 2023, 9:53 PM

Updated 358 days ago


Suffolk County police have confirmed to the Turn to Tara team that investigators in Atlantic City are looking into possible connections between Rex Heuermann and cold cases that happened there.
The strangled bodies of four women were discovered in an Atlantic City sewage ditch in 2006.
Neither the Suffolk County Police Department nor the Atlantic City Police Department would elaborate on which cold cases the alleged Gilgo Beach serial killer could be connected to. The sheriff's office did tell News 12 that they continue to meet with jailed sex workers behind bars to search for more clues in the case.
The expanding multi-agency investigation is welcome news for Long Island attorney John Ray.
"That's pretty important because all the facts seem to fit," Ray says. "We've been speculating since almost the time we learned about those killings in Atlantic City that they're connected to the Long Island killer or killers."
Ray is the lawyer for relatives of Shannan Gilbert, whose disappearance triggered the police search that led to the discovery of other Gilgo Beach murder victims. He believes the circumstances surrounding the Gilgo Beach murders are eerily similar to the Atlantic City cases.
"They're obviously connected in that they're all sex workers, they're all connected in that they all are more or less of the same size of one another and the same look, they were found in the marsh in both places," Ray says. "There appears to be strangulation involved in both cases."
Multiple news reports have said Heuermann was spotted several times at an Atlantic City strip club where a dancer says he made her feel uncomfortable.
No one from Stiletto would speak to News 12 on the record.
Ray, however, has developed sources in Atlantic City and has shared relevant information with authorities.
"When you look at the way these women were laid out both in Atlantic City and Oak Beach, there seems to be ritualistic element to those facts," Ray says.
In addition to Atlantic City, Heuermann is also being looked at for cold cases in both South Carolina and Nevada.
The Turn to Tara team broke news Thursday that there are at least three cold cases in Las Vegas that have similar methodology as the Gilgo Beach killings.

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