ALERT CENTER: Teen waved Gel Blaster in the air before being surrounded by police in Milford

A Milford teen was arrested after police say he waved a Gel Blaster in the air at Silver Sands Beach. 
The incident happened Wednesday around 2:30 p.m. at Silver Sands Beach.
Police say they got a call that a teen wearing a black shirt was waving a gun near the beach. 
Officers located the teen walking on the beach near E Broadway. 
Police say the Gel Blaster was raised over his head with his arm extended up and had his finger on the trigger. 
Additional officers arrived on scene and ordered the teen to drop the gun and get on the ground, which he did. 
Officers recognized the teen as a juvenile from previous interactions. 
He was arrested and charged with breach of peace and carrying a dangerous weapon.
The juvenile was also issued a Juvenile Summons based on an incident at Jonathan Law High School and was charged with having weapons on school property.