AG candidate James: Current laws help sexual abusers stay on the street

Letitia James, the Democratic nominee for state attorney general, was in the Hudson Valley Tuesday to urge lawmakers to pass the Child Victim’s Protection Act.
The proposed law would allow for lawsuits to be filed against alleged abusers until the victim is 50 years old.
Victims would have a one-year window to file civil claims, regardless of age. Currently, victims only have until the age of 23 to take action.
“The statute of limitations are just too narrow and, quite literally, help abusers stay on the street and abuse additional children,” says James, who was at Sleepy Hollow Village Hall. “We must change those laws.”
The state Assembly has passed the bill six times, and the governor says he supports it. It has not made it through the Republican-controlled state Senate.
In a statement, Republican nominee for attorney general Keith Wofford said, "I would favor legislation designed to protect people from predators, and help all victims seek justice under due process of the law."