AFYA mobilizes to send medical supplies to earthquake victims in Turkey

When a natural disaster strikes, Yonkers-based AFYA Foundation is among the first organizations to respond with lifesaving medical supplies.

Nadia Galindo

Feb 14, 2023, 5:43 PM

Updated 496 days ago


A local organization is sending lifesaving medical supplies in the wake of earthquakes that devastated Turkey.
Yonkers-based AFYA Foundation has already sent 500 pounds of donated medical supplies through the Turkish Embassy.
The earthquakes that struck eight days ago caused buildings to collapse, trapping people inside.
AFYA founder and CEO Danielle Butin said they are prioritizing supplies for wound care, rehabilitation and items such as crutches, wheelchairs and canes.
"I cannot emphasize enough the impact of thousands having traumatic amputations, having crushed injuries to their arms and legs from these buildings collapsing, and now they are going to need supplies to be able to move again," Butin said.
The death toll in Syra and Turkey has now climbed to more than 36,000.
AFYA has received some funds from the United Jewish Federation to continue sending medical supplies to Turkey.
If you would like to make a financial donation, click here.
If you would like to donate medical supplies, you can drop them off at the organizations warehouse located at 140 Saw Mill River Road in Yonkers.
Needed medical supplies:
Orthopedic Boot
Abdominal Binder Brace
Arm & Shoulder Brace
Knee Brace
Cervical Collar
Casting Material: Specialist
Plaster Bandage with Extra Fast Setting
Foam Positioning
Abdominal Pads
Antibiotic Cream
Antiseptic Solutions or Wipes
Band Aid (Any Size)
CAT Tourniquet
Cold Packs
Elastic Bandage
First Aid Kits
Gauze: Roll: Sterile (Any Size)
Medical Tape (Any Size)
Non-Adherent Pads
Occlusive Gauze
Petrolatum Gauze
Plaster Bandages
Silver Wound gel
Sterile Gauze Pad (Any Size)
Sterile Suture (Any Size orMaterial)
Suture Removal Kit
Tegaderm (Any size)
Undercast Padding
Quad Canes
Canes with Seat
Childrens' Rollators
Forearm Crutches
Knee Scooters
Raised Toilet Seat
Shower & Bath Chairs
Toilet Seat Risers
Transport Chairs
Walkers with Seat
Walkers – Children
Wheelchairs with Leg Rests
Wheelchair Cushions

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