African American choreographer makes history with NYC Ballet

Sidra Bell is the first African American woman to have a work she created be performed by the New York City Ballet.

News 12 Staff

Oct 27, 2020, 9:51 PM

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Sidra Bell is the first African American woman to have a work she created be performed by the New York City Ballet.
The ballet is hosting a virtual season this year due to the pandemic.
Bell named the piece "Pixilation a Wave." It was filmed outside on the grounds of Lincoln Center.
"The people of New York make New York, not just the structures. I wanted to make a comment on that, and to infuse the space with energy again, the idea that we're pixelating in this large landscape,” says Bell.
The White Plains-born choreographer was one of five chosen to create a new ballet for a digital season.
"I always used to go see New York City ballet as a child. So again, just like a full circle moment to have the opportunity now, at this stage of my career to make a work, an original work,” says Bell.
What makes the project even more special is Bell’s father, an award-winning composer, composed the music for strings in "Pixilation in a Wave." The New York City Ballet orchestra then recorded it.
"It was awesome, we've done about 30 pieces together, commissions in the past, so it made sense this huge opportunity do it with him,” says Bell.
News 12 is told the dance was debuting Tuesday as the New York City Ballet kicks off its virtual season.

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