Activist rally together in support of Asian American community in Bedford

Activist rallied together Saturday in support of the Asian community at the Bedford Village Memorial Park following the uptick in violent crimes against Asian Americans.
Kok-Wah Chee tells News 12 he is concerned about how it may affect his young son's future.
“He's going to kindergarten, what's going to happen?” Chee asked. “Is he going to be bullied because he's Asian? We came to support the message that we're neighbors and all human beings.”
Activist Mayo Bartlett attended the event to help drive home the message that violent attacks against Asians are attacks against everyone.
"No community in Westchester or anywhere else in the country should feel marginalized and when they are it's important to let them know that we stand together and that's not tolerated,” Bartlett said. 
Cat Caley, the organizer of the event says she is hoping to bring awareness. 
"My hope is that people can absorb what we spoke about and incorporate it into their daily lives and be more thoughtful about becoming more aware,” Caley said.