About 100 Pace University students under state-mandated quarantine before campus reopens

Around 100 Pace University students must quarantine in a hotel room before they can come back to the Pleasantville campus.

Daniel Ho is just a few days into his two-week state-mandated quarantine. His isolation is required because he's from Jacksonville, Florida.
"You are alone in a hotel room and it could get scary sometimes," he says.
Ho gets three meals a day, mental health support and virtual wellness activities to make the time go by. He says he's been spending most of his time preparing for his classes.
"You always have to make the best out of everything, and I've had a lot of support from the school," he says.

Pace University's Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Rachel Carpenter says the school has Quarantine Support Coordinators monitoring the students' needs.
"Some of them are assigned three, some of them are assigned five, some of them are faculty members to their students who are actually part of their major program. And they check-in and say, 'How are you doing?'" Carpenter says.
When the students do return to campus for classes, they'll find social distancing markers, one-way traffic flow through halls and mask requirements.