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A dozen Newburgh firefighters face layoffs

<p>A federal grant that helped bolster the ranks is set to expire next year and is unlikely to be renewed.</p>

News 12 Staff

Dec 5, 2017, 1:39 PM

Updated 2,389 days ago


A dozen firefighters in Newburgh are facing layoffs.
The City of Newburgh's Fire Department currently has 70 full-time firefighters, thanks to a federal grant that helped them bolster the ranks.
However, that grant it set to run out next year, and fire officials say they'll have to cut a dozen members without additional funding.
Officials say that not only does it hurt the dozen firefighters, but also puts the remaining staff in jeopardy. "When you're manpower drops, injuries go up. There's a job we have to do, and regardless of the amount of guys we have,  that job has to be done," says Newburgh Fire Lt. Rick Locicero.
City officials say it's not likely the fire department will receive the grant again. They say without raising taxes or cutting other jobs, there's no money to keep the additional 12 firefighters on staff.

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