9-year-old raises awareness about the decline in insect population

A fourth grader highlighted her concerns about the insect population as a panelist on the Westchester Youth Activist webinar Wednesday.
The webinar was originally a conference, but was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.
However, that didn't dim the light for Eastchester resident Anusha Vaish as she focuses on saving insects and the planet. She also hopes to inspire more youth to assist her in doing so.
"We are going to be growing up and soon it's our job to take care of the planet because the planet has taken care of us for 4 billion years…," she says.
Vaish says saving insects is important now more than ever. The bug population is on a path toward extinction. Researchers estimate more than 40% of insect species are declining -- a rate of extinction eight times faster than mammals or birds.
She is challenging kids stuck at home to go outside, find bugs and learn what role they play in the ecosystem.
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