91-year-old crossing guard retires after nearly 3 decades of service

Families in Middletown are saying farewell to a beloved 91-year-old crossing guard who retired Thursday after nearly three decades of service.
Ernie O'Dell, or "Mr. Ernie" the crossing guard, has been a fixture greeting kids at the corner on Commonwealth Avenue in Middletown.
"It isn't a job for me. It's a pleasure to be here all these years," he says.
O'Dell is the oldest and longest-serving crossing guard in Middletown history.
He retired on the last day of school, and officials were there to present him with plaques for his service.
Neighborhood friends also wished him well.
His next stop? Maybe volunteering closer to family in New Windsor where the Korean War veteran plans on moving.
The City of Middletown School District says Mr. Ernie will be missed by all and wished him a healthy and happy retirement.