5K run held in honor of toddler who died in Mamaroneck

A 5K run was held Saturday in honor of a toddler who was found dead in a home in Mamaroneck in April.
Gabriella Boyd was 2 years old when she died in April. 
The runners of the 5K are supporting the newly created Gabriella Boyd Foundation.
Gabriella's uncle says that the foundation is for custody advocacy. 
On April 27, Gabriella was at the home of her mother, Cynthia Arce, on Chestnut Avenue in Mamaroneck. Gabriella's father, Stephen Boyd, had received a court order giving him physical custody of Gabriella.
When Boyd went with the police to get Gabriella, they say Arce would not turn her over. Police did not pursue it further. 
Police received a call from Arce's mother 24 hours later. When they returned to the home, Arce allegedly approached officers with a knife and attempted to stab them. An officer shot Arce, but she survived.
Police found Gabriella unresponsive at the home, and she was pronounced dead later that day. 
Boyd tells News 12 Westchester that he does not want Gabriella to be remembered as a little girl who died in Mamaroneck, but for the ray of sunshine that she was.
The route for the run was the same route Gabriella would frequently take when her family took her for a walk.