Lawmakers call for Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s immediate resignation

Two prominent New York Democrats are calling for Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s immediate resignation amid multiple sexual harassment allegations.
"I've seen enough. It's not one. It's not two. It's three women. We have text messages. We have photos," says state Sen. James Skoufis."And it's convincing to me that there is a pattern of abuse unfortunately within the governor's office."
Democratic Assemblyman Tom Abinanti is also asking for Cuomo to resign.
"He no longer commands the respect necessary to lead New York," he said.
Cuomo said on Wednesday that won't be happening.
There is another option, according to a Republican lawmaker.
"He's not going to resign. If he was facing impeachment, if you had 76 votes lined up and the speaker was thinking about it, then maybe he'd resign," says Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor.
Lalor is petitioning for an impeachment investigation, led by a bipartisan committee in the Assembly, which would ultimately recommend whether or not to impeach the governor.
With the governor facing mounting pressure from both political parties because of nursing home policy issues, and now the new allegations, Lalor is confident.
"Ultimately, I think we have a really good chance of being successful, and we'll have another governor before you know it," he says.