$19M overhaul of Ravensdale Road Bridge in Hastings completed

Officials unveiled on Friday the completed $19 million renovation of the Ravensdale Road Bridge in Hastings.
It's the only structure that allows crossing over the Saw Mill River Parkway within the village.
"Such a key artery here in this key area," said state Department of Transportation Commissioner Marie Therese Dominguez on Friday. "It links the community, it links the village, the larger community and the Saw Mill River Parkway."
The bridge was in need of an overhaul.
"Five or six years ago, when I'd bike over the Ravensdale Bridge, there was a good chance I'd get a flat tire because there were so many potholes," said Greenburg Town Supervisor Paul Feiner.
But the state Department of Transportation said it took community suggestions into account.
"Features a concrete barrier and has decorative railings," Dominguez said.
The project will also help to combat flooding issues.
"A new drainage system to help prevent flooding, added new stormwater pond to reduce flooding, erosion and pollution from rain," Dominguez explained.
Another addition to the Ravensdale Bridge will give residents in the area direct access to the South County Trailway.
The state said it used recycling techniques, like reusing concrete from the old bridge for another project in the area, to reduce the project's environmental impacts.