18 professional jazz musicians create virtual music while social distancing

A group of professional jazz musicians in New York is spending their time home creating music - virtually.
The 18 professional musicians in 18 separate locations produced one incredible ensemble. 
Saxophonist Chad LB is the “jazz cat” behind the virtual jam session.
"Music has always been a way to help people take their mind off the daily grind. It's nice for us to be able to provide that experience for people even though we're all in quarantine,” he says.
The professional saxophonist, who has performed with big names like Taylor Swift, says he'd be touring right now, but the coronavirus cut the cord on the music industry. LB says he’s had about 25 shows canceled.
With live performances on a break, LB wasn't about to let stay-at-home orders silence jazz music. 

"Gave me the idea like, 'Hey, it would be fun to work with all these people I haven’t worked within a long time. And have everyone record these separate videos and put it all together,'” he says.
That's exactly what they did. Everyone took selfie videos with their phones - the entire piece took nine days to compose. 
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"We got my mixing engineer to essentially mix everything together so all the levels would make sense and it would be a cohesive piece of music...so it was very involved,” he says.
The song chosen was an upbeat 1936 hit by Cole Porter called “Easy to Love.”
“It’s just a chipper bright song for what in general has felt like a dark time,” says LB.
The musicians also hope to raise money for MusiCares Coronavirus Relief Fund.
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