10-year old bakes pies to fight hunger in Westchester

Jayden Hairston, 10, gives back to the community with his sweet potato pie baking skills.
"I want to give back because I do actually want to help others, I get sad when I see homeless people on the streets and I can’t help them, “ says Jayden.
Prices of his pies range from $15 to $20. After covering the cost of production, the young baker donates the remaining balance to local charities for hungry families.
Last year, he sold more than 100 pies.
“Just in my performing arts school I sold like 150 pies, and it made me feel good because it got myself out there in a different light than performing, and I was showing my talent to other people,” says Jayden.
His mother shared with News 12’s Nikita Ramos what got him started at such a young age.
“We have a lot to be happy and grateful for, so that’s really important to me and that you have a heart to give back to others, it’s not just about ourselves, we are a part of a larger community," says Nicole Stansbury.
The recipe comes from generations before him – a dessert his great-great-great grandmother used to make.
"When I’m making it, I just look back and I can see all my ancestors making the same thing and I can just see the line going down and I’m making it,” says Jayden.
So far, he has sold almost 40 pies, and the last day to place an order is Nov. 22. The culinary artist plans to continue baking desserts for the community in the future.