$1.9 trillion pandemic federal relief package includes more stimulus checks, extension for unemployment benefits

Americans struggling due to the pandemic could soon be getting a lifeline from the federal government.
House Democrats pushed forward with President Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion relief bill, which will include another round of stimulus checks as well as an extension for certain unemployment benefits.
The Biden relief package would include billions in dollars of funds for vaccines and testing, a $15 minimum wage, a $1,400 stimulus check in addition to increasing the federal coronavirus unemployment benefit.
Steve Sywak, of Huntington, worked on Broadway as an engineer, but he was laid off at the start of the pandemic. He says this is all help that is needed now.
"It has almost been a year at this point. It's pretty upsetting," he says.
While the Biden administration had hoped to get bipartisan support on the bill, some Republicans have said they were moving too quickly.
However, Democrats say during a pandemic there is no time to waste. Plus, enhanced pandemic unemployment benefits are set to expire March 14.
While Sywak says he's feeling confident on getting back to his old job, until then, every day is a struggle.
"It feels like it is coming down to the wire, and you know my savings is being depleted, I'm gonna start eating a lot more ramen soon," he says.