White Plains photographer is rising star among models and celebrities

New York Fashion Week is underway, and right in the middle of the models and celebrities is a photographer from White Plains.
In just a short amount of time, Tomas Herold has photographed some of pop culture's biggest celebrities.
"I've worked with Naomi Campbell, LaLa Anthony, Cardi B, Ciara," says Herold.
From Milan to Paris to New York, the 23-year-old fashion photographer got his start in White Plains. "The first shoots that I ever did that were successful and popular were in White Plains High School,” recalls Herold.
So how did a guy from White Plains become a celebrity photographer? "I'm really self-taught, I taught myself how to do photography. Most of my techniques I've learned on my own."
In the ever-changing world of fashion, Herold immediately learned how to navigate the fast-paced industry.
"You can be lucky but if you're not persistent you'll miss your luck. You have to be around for that perfect moment. You have to always be there and always working for it. For that opportunity to arise for you," he says.
His main advice to aspiring photographers is to keep pushing personal boundaries, saying in part, "Be relentless, never give up. Try to be original, try to remain different. And, oh! This is a big one, finesse. You must have finesse to get where I am."