Westchester County Center to transform into makeshift hospital

Work to transform the Westchester County Center into a makeshift hospital could begin as earWork to transform the Westchester County Center into a makeshift hospital could begin as early as today.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced this weekend that the Westchester County Center, two SUNY schools on Long Island, and the Javits Center in Manhattan are all on the way to becoming hospitals.
To prepare for an expected increase in hospitalizations, the governor says the state will need to more than double its capacity of 53,000 beds to 110,000. The County Center's main arena, as well as several smaller rooms on the main level, and the little theater in the building's second floor, will all be able to be utilized as a makeshift hospital. 
"I approve it on behalf of the state in New York, and now we just have to get it done and get it done quickly. These temporary hospitals are helpful, but they don't bring supplies and they don't bring staff," said Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
Cuomo is also calling for four additional federal hospitals at the Javits Center.
Those FEMA hospitals would come with the needed supplies - beds and staff - New York needs.
"This is literally a matter of life and death. We get these facilities up, we get the supplies, we will save lives. If we don't, we will lose lives," said Cuomo.
Gov. Cuomo is also calling on the federal government to help with the supply and demand of medical supplies. He says the price of masks have skyrocketed from 85 cents each to $7. 
President Donald Trump approved the request for the Javits Center setup, and has promised to cover 100% of the cost of mobilizing the National Guard to set up the other makeshift hospitals including the County Center.
Events scheduled to take place at the County Center have already been canceled through the end of May. 
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