Shelters, census workers team up to count Hudson Valley’s homeless population

In about one month, people across the United States will be receiving the 2020 census in the mail. But how is the homeless population being counted?
The U.S. Census Bureau says it is working with shelters that provide services for thousands of people.
Through March 6, Census Bureau workers will conduct telephone or in-person interviews with residents at shelters through caseworkers to ensure each person is counted.
Honor Residential in Middletown says it is also teaming up with the county to include people living on the streets.
The census numbers help determine the amount of federal funding that goes into each city and town. Honor Residential says that homeless New Yorkers are an important part of the population puzzle.
“We're just overlooked,” says Youlanda Hunter. “I feel that our opinions aren't counted and we should be counted."
As soon as mid-March rolls around, the 2020 census will be distributed across the country and the results will be released in by 2021.
State Sen. James Skoufis says a census video workshop will be held on Saturday at the Newburgh Activity Center for those interested in getting involved with spreading awareness about the census.