Sen. Schumer proposes some Postal Service changes be reversed

Sen. Chuck Schumer spoke outside the Middletown Post Office Wednesday, calling on the federal government to reverse Postal Service changes that could threaten the November elections.
“If people lose faith in the validity of our election – that’s the end of Democracy in this country, and we can’t allow that,” says Schumer.
Activists joined Schumer in calling for the reversal of removing mailboxes and hundreds of mail processing machines, as well as demanding the unprecedented number of absentee ballots this election go out by First Class mail.
Sen. Schumer argues that changes during a pandemic are a threat to millions of Americans who rely on the Postal Service, saying in part, "We need the post office more than ever, and at the same time, the postmaster general is cutting back so mail service is greatly delayed.” 
Earlier this summer, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy began making changes after reporting an expected $13 billion loss in revenue back in April. Since then the postmaster general has agreed to suspend any changes until the election.
“On meeting him, I was just totally disappointed,” says Sen. Schumer on DeJoy. “He seemed to want to dismantle the post office brick by brick.” 
News 12 is told Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is now expected to testify before the Senate Committee on Friday about the timing and purpose of Postal Service cuts.