Peekskill voters voice concerns about marijuana legalization bill

Voters in Peekskill say they want Sen. Pete Harckham to rethink his support of legalizing marijuana.
Last week, Harckham announced his support of a heavily amended legalization bill that would divert 25 percent of tax revenue to mental health and substance abuse programs.
A small group of voters in Peekskill tells News 12 that putting more drugs into the community is not the right move to solve drug problems.
"He wants money," says constituent Dr. Russell Kamer. "All the money that's coming in for marijuana is going to have to go right to the Medicaid budget because of all the hospitalizations and emergency room visits."
Harckham tells News 12 the bill addresses all concerns residents are raising and says the prohibition of marijuana has been a failure, adding that it can already be purchased in every community.