New Rochelle officials happy with apparent coronavirus slowdown, but remain cautious

State and local officials have put forth many efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus in New Rochelle, which was considered New York's hotspot at one point, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo has signaled that those measures may be working.
"You see the Westchester number is slowing. We did a New Rochelle containment area. The numbers would suggest that that has been helpful. So, I feel good about that,” said Cuomo.
While New Rochelle officials are happy with the progress, they remain cautious.
"But we have to be cautious because there's going to be more testing and more numbers. But it looks like the actions that the state and the city put in place a couple weeks ago were somewhat effective in controlling it and that makes us feel good,” says New Rochelle City Manager Charles Strome.
Even with the possible silver lining, the superintendent of schools announced Saturday she is in isolation after testing positive for the coronavirus.
Board of Education President Amy Moselhi is now in quarantine because the two work together closely.
"These are difficult times but together we are strong. We continue to conduct important district work from remote locations to ensure our students are being supported in the way we expect them to be,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Laura Feijóo.
As News 12 has previously reported, Dr. Feijóo handed out laptops to children the day before she began showing symptoms. Then, the next day, she visited three schools -- the same say she began to show mild symptoms.
City Manager Strome urges residents to stay home as much as possible for the next few weeks with hopes that things will get back to normal relatively soon.
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