Greenburgh police warn of burglars posing as home repair workers

Greenburgh police are warning residents to be wary of who they let come into their homes after a "distraction burglary" was reported last week in the Poet's Corner part of town.
The victim reported that two men - who claimed to be a father and son - knocked on the front door and inquired about having work done on the windows on Sept. 2. at around 4:30 p.m.
The suspects alleged that they saw a leak in one of the windows, and that they could give an estimate on replacing them.
The victim then escorted the suspects upstairs to the master bedroom at their request so that they could look at the windows from the inside.
As the victim escorted the two male suspects out of the home, he was distracted by the younger male who he asked to see a classic car parked in the driveway.
The other male and a female went back into the home and stole a jewelry box from the master bedroom before being confronted by the victim's wife, who was inside the home at the time of incident.
The suspects left in a new-model, black SUV.
Police say that if a person knocks on your door, stop and think if you were expecting anyone - and keep the door closed. They say to also make sure to take extra security measures, like keeping the back door locked when at the front door and keeping personal documents and valuables out of sight. Those who become suspicious should call the police and inform them.
Anyone who might have any information regarding the incident should contact the Greenburgh Police Detective Division 914-989-1700.