Festival to mark bald eagle migration back to the Hudson River area

Westchester is preparing to celebrate the bald eagle as the bird makes its migration back to the Hudson River.
The festival will take place at Croton Point Park. It celebrates the bald eagle, which nearly disappeared from the region just a few decades ago.
Bald eagles, once on the brink of extinction due to chemicals like DDT, have rebounded because of federal and state protections.
First graders from Brookside Elementary in Ossining were given an unforgettable hands-on lesson involving an actual bald eagle.
Christine Peyreigne, Connecticut’s youngest falconer, taught the children about the animal’s diet, size and more.
"Hopefully we will be able to have more children growing up to become wildlife conservationists and educators and wildlife rehabilitators," she says. "The bald eagle in particular, is one that without conservation efforts we would not have here in the Northeast.”
Thousands are expected to attend EagleFest this year. There will be food trucks, educational activities and live bird shows.
"You will get to see golden eagles, bald eagles, you'll get to see hawks and falcons. Some of the handlers can actually - will actually fly their birds, so you'll get to see flight demonstrations,” says Teatown Executive Director Kevin Carter.
The festival will take place on Feb. 8.