Dutchess County animal rescue group seeks help after thousands stolen

An animal rescue group in Dutchess County is asking for help after someone stole thousands of dollars.
A week ago, volunteers at Compassionate Animal Rescue Efforts of Dutchess County noticed $23,000 was missing from the bank account.
The nonprofit believes someone hacked into the bank account twice. Volunteers say after the initial theft, the group opened a new account and money was stolen from that account as well.
CARE of DC says it had plans to use that cash as a down payment for a facility to house all of the animals because most are currently in foster homes.
Because the accounts were hacked, the group says it can't go rescue dogs from other states like it usually does.
The Dutchess County Sheriff's Office says it is investigating. The organization is accepting any and all help from the community to help continue its mission to rescue and rehabilitate animals before finding them forever homes.