Better Business Bureau offers tips to avoid con artists using coronavirus to prey on victims

There’s a warning for families across New York, New Jersey and Connecticut: Con artists are starting to leverage the coronavirus pandemic to go after people’s money and personal information.
Better Business Bureau regional director Brian Rauer warned News 12 via Zoom that the con artists are out in full force across the tri-state area looking to profit off of panicked consumers. In one scam, a person paid $200 for face masks and received nothing in return. 
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Using the BBB’s scam tracker, News 12 also got wind of another trap - fraudsters dialing up and pretending to be representatives of the World Health Organization or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
"They are promising testing, new treatment plans, anythingthey can to entice you,” says Rauer, “The sole goal is to get you to log on to something, share your information.”
There are even phony coronavirus tracking sites, immunity pills and testing kits being sold on websites like Craigslist.
One similar phishing email attacked 2,500 computers on Monday alone.  
“They are getting you to download malware on your computer to access your personal information,” says Rauer.
Rauer is offering tips to avoid getting scammed:
Make sure not to click on links or attachments from people who you don’t recognize, especially ones with spelling errors.
Be wary of texts or emails promising airline refunds, financial relief or cures that ask to verify personal information
Be mindful that there are fake charities out there, promising relief for sick emergency responders.
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