SUNY Purchase water tests reveal elevated lead levels

Some students at SUNY Purchase College say they are opting for bottled water after test results showed slightly elevated levels of lead in some of the water on campus.
The school tested more than 1,000 samples in every building on campus after students say the water just wasn't tasting right.
"It's not a particularly funny taste, not like drinking gasoline, there's like a disquieting flavor that just doesn't taste the best,” says student Ben Bisogno.
Facilities director Mike Kopas says the dorms or administrative buildings that were discovered with elevated levels were given water filters.
He says the school is following state guidelines for K-12 schools because there are no regulations for colleges to test water.
Kopas says the results show the water is still safe enough to drink. He says lead levels for K-12 is .015 and some of the test results at the school came back at .016.