Crews remove MTA bus lodged into Prospect Lefferts Gardens brownstone after crash

Crews on Friday finally removed an MTA bus that was lodged inside a building in Prospect Lefferts Gardens following a crash at the start of the workweek.
The city authorized the MTA to remove the bus from the building at 174 Lincoln Road after crews finished stabilizing the structure.
A crowd of onlookers cheered as a tow truck safely pulled the bus off and out of the building once crews had removed panels that were installed to close off the street corner shortly after 11 a.m.
It took two attempts to get the bus out, as bricks came falling down. Workers were sent over on a ladder to remove some of the debris.
The MTA said in a statement, "We are grateful to the Department of Buildings for ensuring the safe removal of our bus. Our comprehensive investigation is ongoing."
Once the bus was removed, you could see right through the home, which was littered with broken bricks and rubble.
The MTA said the bus was taken to the Bronx where it will be inspected as part of the crash investigation.
Residents are still not allowed inside the brownstone while the Department of Buildings continues its investigation.
Officials say 16 people were hurt when the bus slammed into the building Monday afternoon.
Police say the investigation is ongoing, and they're still looking into whether or not the 55-year-old driver with 13 years on the job will face charges.
The MTA called surveillance video from on board the B49 bus that News 12 obtained from a source "disturbing on many levels." They say it raises questions about whether basic safety rules were followed.
The Department of Buildings says the building owners' contractors have been working all week to install shoring under the supervision of engineers from both the owner and city. The DOB says the brownstone is not safe to occupy.
News 12 spoke with architect Will Dubose. He said removing the bus is just the start of a long process, and it could take some time, before people can go back in and live in the building.
"From the time you apply to get the drawings reviewed, that time could be upwards of eight, nine months because you first have to make sure it's structurally sound. Then second, you now have the opportunity to redo the home as much as you want. There's all types of things," Dubose explained.