'A long time coming’ – Mount Vernon Knights host Yonkers at newly reopened Memorial Field

The Mount Vernon Knights played against the Yonkers Force in their first football game at the newly reopened Memorial Field on Saturday.
Until recently, Memorial Field was an eyesore after closing due to disrepair 12 years ago.
After a period of mismanagement, Westchester County took over the renovation project and completed the football stadium in just two years.
The $33 million project included building a stadium to seat nearly 4,000 people, accommodating several sports like football, soccer, lacrosse and field hockey.
There is also a brand-new skate park.
Many told News 12 that they were excited to see the new field and watch the game.
"This something that should've happened years ago. Now it's allowing these children to play a sport that teaches them to be men," said former NFL coach Collette V. Smith. She was also the first Black female coach in NFL history.
"The morale feels great! We're excited, this was a long time coming,” said, Enjoli Pennamon of Mount Vernon.
The Mount Vernon Knights defeated the Yonkers Force 32-24.