Milder with temperatures in the 50s for Thursday; chance of spotty showers for St. Patrick's Day
Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Meredith Garofalo says it will be much warmer starting Thursday but there is a chance for some spotty showers Friday.
NEXT: Thursday will be a nice day and warmer before rain chances on a mild St. Patrick's Day.
OVERNIGHT: Partly cloudy to mostly clear. Breezy and cold. Lows around 29 degrees.
THURSDAY: PICK OF THE WEEK -- Sun and clouds - Highs around 53 degrees. Lows near 39 degrees.
FRIDAY: SAINT PATRICK'S DAY -- Partly sunny to mostly cloudy with spotty rain showers possible. Highs around 55 degrees. Lows around 42 degrees.
SATURDAY: Chance for a morning shower, otherwise clouds with breaks of sunshine. Highs around 50 degrees. Lows around 28 degrees.
SUNDAY: Sun and clouds - chillier -- highs around 42 degrees. Lows around 28 degrees.
MONDAY: SPRING ARRIVES 5:24 p.m. -- Mostly sunny with highs around 50 degrees. Lows near 32.

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