Controversy brewing over barges anchoring along the Hudson River
Concern among environmentalists and lawmakers is mounting over where barges may now be able to anchor.
According to some lawmakers, the U.S. Coast Guard has redefined the boundaries of the Port of New York. The change brings the boundary up to the Mario Cuomo Bridge.
The change has caused concern because some worry that it means the large commerical vessels that are used to transport a variety of cargo including hazardous materials will now be able to anchor anywhere north of the bridge.
Critics say that increases the risk of spills of petroleum and other hazaroudous cargo that could pose a threat to the river's ecosystem.
Rep. Pat Ryan is calling for strict limits on where and how long large commercial vessels are allowed to anchor in the Hudson River.

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"A lot of communities drink Hudson River water," says Ryan. "Rather than being transparent about this, they're trying to keep everything opaque and hidden from public view."
Some lawmakers say Coast Guard officials haven't been forthcoming about the changes. They are calling for the ban on barges anchoring to be upheld.
News 12 reached out to the Coast Guard but has not heard back.

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