TUXEDO - A substitute teacher is being hailed a hero for springing into action when a ceiling collapsed inside a high school in Orange County on Friday morning.

The collapse happened at George F. Baker High School in Tuxedo. Matt Takeuchi, a substitute teacher who himself graduated from Baker High School, is being praised for helping students quickly evacuate.

Takeuchi was in classroom 220 when he heard a crack and saw the ceiling start to buckle, and he quickly ushered four students out of harm's way.

The school's principal says 550 students were quickly evacuated from the high school and adjoining middle school, and water was shut off to both buildings. All classes and after-school activities were canceled for the day.

The district superintendent says engineers have inspected the building and classes are expected to resume as scheduled on Monday.

Police say the cause of the ceiling collapse remains under investigation. The collapse caused a leak and some water damage was sustained in the school's library.