RYE - Rye city officials believe they should have the lead role in resurrecting Rye Playland.

The not-for-profit group Sustainable Playland has been given the job of remaking the historic amusement park into a year-round destination, but the Westchester County Board must approve any changes to the park.

County officials are working on the premise that it’s their park and their project, making Westchester County the lead agency. Rye Mayor Joseph Sack, however, says the city has the final say on what's built there.

"We don't just belong in the room, but we belong at the table and we have decision-making authority as to what actually, ultimately takes place at Playland,” Sack said.

Neither the Astorino administration, nor County Board Chair Mike Kaplowitz are willing to take a position on Rye's demands for a greater say in what happens at Playland.